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Fire Risk Assessments

A legislative requirement or just good sense: for one building or for many. Fire risk assessments are an essential component in a company’s portfolio for success. FAGUS’s fire risk assessment and compliance audits will satisfy your requirements under current UK fire safety law and anticipate the forthcoming changes.

All of our assessments are detailed and illustrated where appropriate with digital photography; fire safety CAD plans can also be produced. If you have a large building portfolio FAGUS can provide a web based application where all of your risk assessments can be viewed.

Following the assessment and in consultation with you, a detailed action plan is produced. Know what you have to do, why you have to do it, and have a suggested period in which to do it.

Designing for Building Safety

So many architects and building owners are frustrated by the recommendations of the Building Regulations and fire requirements. FAGUS has a proven track record of facilitating this process; its expert approach to fire safety in buildings can achieve the results that you want.

Fire Safety Awareness Training

From the Managing Director to the shop floor, we all need to understand our responsibilities in law and to understand what we can do in our workplace to reduce the risk and effect of fire. FAGUS will help you develop and implement your fire safety policy.

Arson Avoidance Strategies

80% of all building fires are started deliberately. From hardened criminals, dissatisfied staff, mindless vandalism, your premises may be at risk. FAGUS will assist you develop your policies, help you develop a culture of awareness, and offer advice on the physical building features that can help reduce the likelihood of a deliberate attack on your premises.

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